Another long awaited video setting is coming to PS5

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Sony is adding another video setting to the PS5 after over a year of requests from players. Native 1440p support is coming to the PS5, and it will be available to try first with the new update for those on the Beta programme.

With the PS5 only supporting native 4K and 1080p, and downscaling graphics on 1440p displays since its launch in November 2020, fans have been crying out for native 1440p support for over a year. 

Microsoft has supported native 1440p output on the Xbox Series X and Series S since launch, and even the previous Xbox One S and One X supported it. Sony on the other hand has never supported native 1440p output before this update, with the last generation PS4 Pro downscaling 4K output just as the PS5 has until now.

With this new update, Sony claims that you can expect native 1440p rendering from supported games on supported monitors and TVs. Games with higher native resolutions such as 4K will also see some benefits via improved anti-aliasing, meaning sharper and less jagged edges of subjects on screen. While the PS5 already looks sharp on 1440p displays, having the PS5 natively output games without the process of downscaling should theoretically improve picture quality and responsiveness, as the game will be rendered in its original supported resolution. 

There is a catch however, variable refresh rate, another much requested feature added in a recent software update, will not be supported over 1440p output. Sony says that VRR on PS5 will only be supported on 4K and 1080p outputs; it's frustrating to see what's supposed to be a “next-generation” piece of hardware being limited in this way. 

Sony also included a handy audio tool in this new update that lets you compare standard stereo audio with 3D audio side by side, so you can choose your preferred audio setting through direct comparison. With Sony implementing more options with each update, the PS5 might be on track to becoming a truly customisable AV experience for gamers very soon.


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    You'd think Sony (who make the games consoles) would talk earlier to Sony (who published games) and Sony (who makes televisions).