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KEF launches 1000-watt KF92 subwoofer

KEF launches 1000-watt KF92 subwoofer
(Image credit: KEF)

If you're looking to add some serious bass to your home cinema set-up, KEF would urge you to check out its new high-end subwoofer. 

The KF92 boasts an incredible 1000 watts of power, which should add some serious rumble to proceedings.

It bodes well that the KF92 uses the same bass driver from KEF's very well reviewed R series. The R3 earned the full star set, while the R5 floorstanders and R300 standmounters are a respectable four-star efforts.

It's a hybrid aluminium/paper twin 9-inch driver, with a huge motor system and vented design voice coil. The resulting low distortion means it should pick up on every detail, no matter how low the volume.

It also uses the same heatsink tech from KEF's LSX and LS50 Wireless speakers to keep the innards in cool, optimally working condition.

Speaking of cool, the KF92 will cost a cool £2000 when it goes on sale in November.


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