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Get discounted Sky Q when you buy an LG OLED TV this Black Friday

Get discounted Sky Q when you buy an LG OLED TV this Black Friday
(Image credit: LG)

LG and Sky have teamed-up to offer a particularly tasty Black Friday treat - buy a 2019 LG OLED TV and get a discount on Sky Q.

It's a pretty simple offer: buy an LG OLED either online or in-store (it doesn't seem to matter which retailer you buy from as long as it's a brand new, boxed TV), then head to to register your purchase using the TV's serial number and you'll be granted a nice saving on a Sky Q package.

The discount is to the basic Sky Q Entertainment package with added HD, which has an official retail price of £40. If you want to add extra treats such as Sky Sports and Sky Cinema, they won't be included in the discount - although they are currently being offered with separate deal prices so you may well be able to add them without paying full price.

The amount you'll save on Sky Q depends on which LG OLED you buy. Go for the entry-level B9 and you'll get 33 per cent off the £40 subscription for 18 months, opt instead for the Award-winning C9 and that goes up to 50 per cent, and if you really push the boat out with an E9 or W9, you'll get that £40 package for free.

Best of all, because it seems to not matter where you buy from, you can take advantage of the already very aggressive price reductions being applied to LG's OLEDs for Black Friday and then get reduced-price Sky on top. That's a discount upon a discount, which is just the kind of deal action we can get behind.

And if you're not ready to fork out for a new OLED TV on Black Friday, you might be pleased to hear that this offer runs right through to 23rd January 2020, so TVs bought in the January Sales should also be eligible. LG does mention a limit to the number of TVs available via the offer, though, so it's probably best to not wait if you don't have to.

Click here to read the full terms and conditions, and scroll down just a little way to see the very best current price on every eligible model.