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Aston Martin Zygote is a £2500 wireless speaker

We're more used to car audio referring to in-car systems but now Aston Martin is aiming to bring some of its auto knowhow straight to the audio market with the new Zygote wireless speaker.

The two-foot wide speaker, which loosely resembles a car wing mirror, aims to deliver an “unparalleled and extremely powerful sound performance”.

There are analogue and digital connections - USB, RCA and digital coaxial - as well as Apple AirPlay, DLNA and wi-fi direct. A compatible control app for Android and iOS devices affords you basic control and access to some audio settings.

The speaker features Class D amplifiers that kick out 240 watts, alongside Audiomoda’s DSP platform, which claims to adjust audio settings according to your room.

The Zygote will come in three 'official Aston Martin colours': morning frost white, Madagascar orange and onyx black.

All that audio technology and styling doesn’t come cheap though - the Aston Martin Zygote will set you back £2500. Find out more on the Audiomoda website.

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