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Google TV on Sony A90J OLED TV
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An update for TVs running Google TV is rolling out soon, and it may fix one of the smart platform's biggest issues. If you have a Chromecast device or a TV manufactured by Sony, Philips, Hisense or TCL, then you should expect to see a more responsive user interface and better storage optimisation heading your way. 

Google has focused on making its operating system snappier on slower-running hardware. This includes a quicker wake-up time, faster response times when pressing buttons on your remote, and a cut-down animation when rebooting your Google TV device. Google says that these performance upgrades should already be rolling out, however, it hasn't stated whether you'll need to perform a software update or if these are coming via a server-side upgrade. 

If this does require a system software update, then simply go to the Google TV homepage, click on your user icon and then "settings", scroll down to "system" and then click "about". Here you will find the "system software update" option which should confirm whether you need to update the operating system or if it is running the latest version.

Moving on to the new storage optimisation features, they mostly come as a result of Google moving away from its previous APK (Android Application Package) format and switching to the more efficient Android App Bundle (AAB) format. This breaks down applications into smaller chunks depending on the device you install them on (smartphone, tablet or TV) and what type of app they are (streaming, game, news etc). This results in faster install times and, in the case of Google TV apps, a 25 per cent reduction in app sizes; leaving you with more storage to download more apps, movies, TV shows and games. App developers have supposedly been given a May 2023 deadline to switch over to the AAB format if they haven't done so already.

In addition to the switch to AABs, Google TV is also getting a new "App Hibernation" mode which deactivates apps on your Google TV home screen if they haven't been used in more than 30 days. Google says your TV needs to be running Android 12, and that these new storage optimisation features should have already been applied via a recent server-side update.


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