V-Moda announces Crossfade LP and Remix Remote headphones

V-Moda Crossfade LP

Launching the Crossfade LP over-ear headphones and Remix Remote in-ear earphones, the company wants to create headphones "as unique as your style and your music".

The Crossfade LP cans sport a 50mm dual-diaphragm driver and claim high quality noise isolation, a flexible headband, detachable, reinforced cables and, naturally, top-notch sound.

Constructed from lightweight metals, the Crossfade LP is available in a choice of three finishes: white pearl, phantom chrome (pictured) and gunmetal black.

Both the Crossfade LP headphones and the Remix Remote earphones come with a three-button remote control for iPhone control.

The Remix Remote is yours for £90 and has solid build and again aims to combine style and sound quality, as well as iPhone control and noise isolation.

Val Kolton, V-MODA CEO and founder, independent DJ and producer, said: “We've spent years researching and fine-tuning our headphones alongside world-renowned musicians and DJs, and Remix Remote is our best product yet in terms of pure sound, rock solid durability improvements, ergonomics, and value.”

The Crossfade LP headphones are set to go on sale at the end of the month, with the price still to be confirmed. The V-MODA Remix Remote is on sale now for around £65.

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