The DSP9 loudspeaker is a bold new look for Meridian

The DSP9 loudspeaker is a bold new look for Meridian
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Meridian has a new loudspeaker, but not just any loudspeaker – it's hailing the DSP9 as the start of a new chapter for the company. Why? It could be something to do with the new cabinet aesthetic which showcases the company's new design signature.

The design uses "the geometry of the ellipse" to create its look. But it's not just visually arresting, it also offers acoustic benefits, according to Meridian.

The spaces within the cabinet enhance performance, while the curvature minimises unwanted sound diffraction produced by the drive units. Meridian claims "outstanding fidelity, dynamics and power" whether it's part of a hi-fi or home cinema setup.

It's the second product to emerge from Meridian's Extreme Engineering Programme, which aims to deliver performance levels never before seen from loudspeakers of these proportions. The first product was the DSP8000 XE, which launched in 2021. But the DSP9 looks like an altogether sleeker affair.

It's packed with engineering developments and proprietary technologies too, including Atlas Software Core, Precision Sonic Transport, R1 Electronics Platform, Next Generation Drive Units, Force-balanced bass configuration, Digital Precision, Q-Sync, True Link, True Time, E3 Bass, Image Focus +, Pro-Active Bass, Pro-active Thermal, FFA, Free-Q, Perfect Balance and BSM. Phew.

The result of all this is "unrivalled power and performance", Meridian says, with an exceptional listening experience in all environments. We'll be the judge of that.

You can set it up and control it using the Meridian B-Link Bluetooth device, IR, USB, RS232, or with a Meridian Controller product. And it can be fed from any non-Meridian device which features a balanced or unbalanced line-level analogue output – just use an IA21 analogue input module to switch its functionality. Simple. 

With Meridian's Select finishing service, you can have the speaker painted the same colour as your room to blend in, or stand out with a bolder, more vibrant colour. Finish options are matt or gloss.

Pricing is £60,000 ($85,000) for the gloss black version and the launch date is TBC. We'll update this story when we hear back.


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