TCL's new QD-Mini LED technology pushes the limits of brightness and backlight dimming zones

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TCL’s new QD-Mini LED TVs are about to hit shelves in the US and are said to offer incredible brightness and an impressively high number of dimming zones. 

The figures quoted for these US models include over 5000 dimming zones, over 5000 peak nits and more accurate colour representation than ever before. This tops the quoted specs for the new European models by some distance, with the C855 containing  2160 dimming zones, in comparison.

TCL acknowledges that impressive specs such as the size of the LEDs, the number of dimming zones, and peak nits are not the only things that matter with TV displays. The company says that the processing and optics behind a panel are what make the real difference. It says that its new AiPQ Pro and Ultra Processing technology should ensure accurate dimming zone control and overall responsiveness from its new Smart S class and QLED Q class models, which range in size from 32 inches up to an enormous 115 inches.

The Q Class of Smart TV includes the Q65 (starting at $500 for 43 inches), Q68 (starting at $700 for 55 inches), QM7 (starting at $1100 for 55 inches) and QM8 (starting at $2000 for 65 inches) models, including three new 98-inch TVs and the world’s largest QD-Mini LED TV.  If you’ve somehow got the space, the 115-inch QM89 (which is available for $27,000) is now TCL’s top option for anyone looking to create a truly cinematic experience at home and it will likely outperform comparable projectors for this screen size. 

Then there’s the S Class of TVs. The S2 and S3 will carry on into 2024, while the S4 is said to have been significantly enhanced this year, becoming the new S5 (starting at $350 for the 43-inch model). It now includes the advanced AiPQ Processor, which is a first for TCL’s S Class models. This should provide clearer images and a brighter, more accurate display. Also for the first time, S Class models 55-inches and upwards now include Game Accelerator 120 which allows users to access 120 Hz VRR Gaming.

Four new TCL soundbars will also be available stateside and are designed to complement the new Q Class and S Class TV models. The Q75H is a 5.1.2 soundbar compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio while the Q85H bar is designed in a 7.1.4 configuration. The S Class soundbars, the S45H and S55H models, feature a new cosmetic design, and have been upgraded with Dolby Atmos and Auto Room Calibration (which was previously only available on Q Class soundbars) as well as the new ‘TV as Center Channel’. There’s also DTS Virtual:X 3D Surround, HDMI eARC and Bluetooth capabilities across all models.


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