TCL 2023 TV line-up: New QD-mini LED TVs and Dolby Atmos soundbars are incoming

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TCL has unveiled a brand new batch of QD-mini LED TVs during its 2023 Global Flagship Product Launch, including a new flagship model with a 5000 nits quoted max brightness., This follows the company’s 2023 TV and soundbar lineup at Milan Design Week, headlined by a next-generation Mini LED model, two new QLEDs, and a Dolby soundbar. 

The brand is also enjoying a period of global success, supplying panels to a variety of global TV giants and in 2022 ranked as the second largest TV brand and the top Android TV brand, according to the OMDIA Global TV Sets report from last year. 

We’re looking forward to getting the new models into our test rooms to check how they perform in the real world. But, until then you can see a breakdown of their technical specs and how they compare to others in the market below.

TCL X955 Series


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The main announcement TCL made during its 2023 Global Flagship Product launch was the X955, the company’s new flagship model of 4K TV. It is a QD-mini LED TV which TCL says features 5000 nits peak brightness and over 5000 dimming zones.

TCL credits its breakthroughs in mini LED to its six-crystal chip technology. It says these advancements will bring a “27.5% increase in brightness, 33% increase in focusing angles, and a 210% increase in light control precision”. 

The X955 carries TCL’s leading Quantum Dot Technology, with an extensive 98% DCI-P3 colour gamut and the ability to produce more than a billion colours. It’s also said to last roughly 100,000 hours of use.

The X955 includes features such as 144hz VRR, Google TV, multi-HDR support, HDMI 2.1, and the AiPQ 3.0 video processor.

In terms of audio, the X955 supports Dolby Atmos content and features a 160W 4.2.2 Onkyo system including support for left, right, surround sound, two sub outputs, and two sky sound channels.

Connectivity-wise, like most non-Samsung or LG TVs, the set is limited to two HDMI 2.1 inputs, one of which doubles as eARC.

We’re waiting to find out the official price, but have reached out to TCL to get confirmation. We’ll update this page when we find out. 

TCL X955 Series sizes and pricing  

  • 85-inch: £TBC / €4999 /  $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 98-inch: £TBC / €7999 / $TBC / AU$TBC

TCL C955 Series


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Following the X955, TCL announced the C955, billed as a premium QD-mini LED TV, offering 2000 mini LED dimming zones and 2000 nits peak brightness.

C955 will be available in 65, 75, 85, and 98-inch variants and represents a step up from the existing C845, which features up to 896 dimming zones in 85 inches. The C955 is an upgrade on TCL’s existing C845 model TV, which features 896 dimming zones. Overall, it packs the same features as the C845, along with a more powerful 120W 2.2.2 channel Onyko audio system for Dolby Atmos.

The official information regarding the price has not yet been released, we’ll add it when we hear back from TCL.

TCL C955 sizes and pricing  

  • 65-inch: £TBC / €TBC / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 75-inch: £TBC / €TBC / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 85-inch: £TBC / €3999 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 98-inch: £TBC / €5999 / $TBC / AU$TBC

TCL C805 (C755 outside Europe) Series


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The C805 (C755 outside of Europe) is another QD-mini LED TV announced during the Global Flagship Product Launch event and will be available in 50, 55, 65, 75, 85, and 98-inch models. This model is slated to feature 500+ mini LED dimming zones and 1300 nits peak brightness.

We’re waiting to find out the official information regarding other features such as connectivity, so will be sure to update you with that information when it’s available.

TCL C805 sizes and pricing  

  • 50-inch: £TBC / €999 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 55-inch: £TBC / €1099 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 65-inch: £TBC / €1299 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 75-inch: £TBC / €1799 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 85-inch: £TBC / €2299 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 98-inch: £TBC / €4999 / $TBC / AU$TBC

TCL C84 Series

Back to the more important stuff: the new TV models for 2023. Starting with the most premium offering, the C84 Series Mini LED TV. TCL boasts of how it's been championing the technology since 2018, and that its 2023 model brings many improvements. This flagship model is available in 55-, 65-. 75- and 85-inch variants, with prices and release dates yet to be confirmed, although we have reached out to TCL for further information. 

TCL C84 Series

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TCL says that the C84 uses its latest generation Mini LED panel backed by QLED colour technology, with supposed upgrades across the board. This includes better and more precise contrast, reduced blooming, increased brightness and better uniformity. These improvements are due to TCL including more local dimming zones, alongside "high efficiency and wide luminous angle Mini LEDs". This has resulted in a new record for brightness levels for TCL's Mini LED sets, with a claimed figure of 2000 nits in some HDR modes – rivalling the latest MLA OLED and QD-OLED sets from LG and Sony respectively. 

This new flagship TV also includes TCL's AiPQ 3.0 picture quality algorithm, which targets improvements to contrast and picture quality in real time depending on the content you feed through the TV. The C84 Series should be ideal for gamers too, with a 144Hz refresh rate and VRR confirmed for the new set – we're just waiting to find out how many HDMI 2.1 sockets it features. You'll also find Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos support, and while TCL hasn't specified which other HDR formats the TV supports, we do know the other models include HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG, so we expect the C84 Series to follow suit. 

Speaking of the other models, TCL is also debuting two new QLED TVs with the C74 Series and C64 Series. 

TCL C64 Series

TCL C64 Series QLED TV

(Image credit: TCL)

We covered the C64 Series announcement recently, but here's a quick run-through of what to expect from the new budget QLED. It comes in a range of sizes, with prices starting at just £329 for the 43-inch model (see the full range of sizes and pricing below), and features a 4K QLED panel running at 60Hz. 

However, TCL has included its Game Accelerator processing to boost content to 120Hz; obviously, this won't look quite as good as real 120Hz, and it only works at 1080p resolution, but it should keep gamers on a budget happy. It also includes Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, as well as HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG formats. 

The TCL C64 Series hits UK shelves soon, with a release scheduled for later this month. You can find a full breakdown of sizes and UK pricing here – stay posted for international availability and pricing.

TCL C645K (C64 Series) sizes and pricing

  • 43-inch: £329 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 50-inch: £379 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 55-inch: £429 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 65-inch: £599 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 75-inch: £949 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 85-inch: £1499 / $TBC / AU$TBC

TCL C74 Series

TCL C74 Series

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Next in the lineup is the C74 Series, a QLED model that sits just above the C64 and below the C84, as the name may suggest. It adds full array local dimming to the mix, allowing for supposed brightness levels of 1000 nits in certain HDR modes. It also uses a much faster 144Hz panel which should appeal to serious gamers, with TCL including its Game Accelerator again here, allowing the panel to apparently reach 240Hz. 

The C74 Series starts at £649 / $TBC / AU$TBC for the 55-inch model and starts shipping later this month, excluding the two largest configurations which will instead arrive in May. You can find a full breakdown of sizes and UK pricing below. Once again we have reached out for international availability and pricing.

TCL C745K (74 Series) sizes and pricing

  • 55-inch: £649 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 65-inch: £799 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 75-inch: £1099 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 85-inch: £1599 / $TBC / AU$TBC (available May)
  • 98-inch: £3599 / $TBC / AU$TBC (available May)

TCL P745 Series

TCL P745

(Image credit: TCL)

Last on our current TCL TV lineup is the P745, which supports 4K video, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and a range of HDR formats including HDR10, HDR10+, HLF, and Dolby Vision.

With the 98-inch model reported to be retailing at €2499, the larger models of P745 TVs look like they could be great options for those looking for a very large screen. 

Without any dedicated dimming zones, it's unlikely that the P745 will compete directly with other large OLED TVs based on pure performance alone, but at this price, you'll still be getting a lot of TV for the money.

TCL P745 sizes and pricing

  • 43-inch: £TBC / €TBC / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 50-inch: £TBC / €TBC / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 55-inch: £TBC / €TBC / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 65-inch: £TBC / €TBC / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 75-inch: £TBC / €TBC / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 85-inch: £TBC / €TBC / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • 98-inch: £TBC / €2499 / $TBC / AU$TBC

TCL S64 Series soundbar

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Finishing off TCL's list of new product launches is the S64 Series of soundbars, which TCL says will "fit perfectly" with its 2023 TVs. We don't know much about these soundbars yet, but we do know they support Dolby Audio but not Dolby Atmos. More on these and the entire 2023 TCL range when we have it.


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