Samsung’s Q990C Dolby Atmos soundbar system is cheaper than ever – get it while you still can

Soundbar package: Samsung Q990C
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Looking to improve the sound of your TV or home cinema set-up? You may find yourself in a spot where a lone soundbar won't quite cut it, but a full-fat surround sound system is impractical. If so, then this deal might be for you...

Samsung's Q990C soundbar system has had its price slashed again, dropping by over £500 from the price we tested in March and now costing £888 at Amazon. The reason it's so low is because Samsung has replaced this package with the new flagship Q990D, which was shown off at CES 2024 and is available now for £1799. 

If you're not ready to shell out on the latest model, there are savings to be had with the still-impressive Q990C.

The Samsung Q990C soundbar package earned a respectable four-star review when we put it through its paces in our test room recently. We were impressed with its sense of scale, height, and weight. Setting up the system is effortless and takes no time at all, which is always appreciated. 

The main soundbar features centre, left, and right channels beneath its front grille which consist of 110 x 52mm racetrack drivers and a 52mm tweeter. On each end of the bar, there are ‘side’ and ‘wide’ full-range drivers. There are also two 50mm full-range up-firing drivers, one on either end of the bar which are used to help create the effect of Dolby Atmos audio. 

The two surround speakers in the Q990C each house three drivers. The setup sees one driver firing forwards, one firing sideways, and one firing upwards. They combine well with the main soundbar to fill out the sound field and create a three-dimensional audio experience in quite an impressive way. The subwoofer adds weighty, extended low-end and integrates well with the rest of the system, creating an enjoyable, cohesive sound. 

If you want something offering a full, rich and easy-going sound to improve your home cinema experience, then this deal on the Samsung Q990C is worth a look!


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