Rotel Michi Series 2 amps boast new DACs and better sound

Rotel Michi Series 2 amps boast new DACs, better sound
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Rotel has revamped its celebrated Michi series of amplifiers. All three Michi Series 2 models boast new DACs and over 90 improvements each.

The new range comprises the Michi X3 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier (sequel to the five-star Michi X3 product), X5 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier and P5 Series 2 Stereo Preamplifier. Each model now has an ultra-high precision 8-channel ESS SABRE 32-bit 768kHz ES9028PRO DAC inside, while the power supplies and audio circuitry have been re-engineered and refined to improve the audio performance.

Rotel is claiming more precision and detail to the sound, along with a more immersive soundstage. But until we've tested them for ourselves, we'll have to take its word for it. Signal paths have been optimised, while the circuitry is now lower noise with less distortion.

The Michi X3 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier delivers 350 watts of power into 4 ohms, and has analogue, digital, PC-USB (MQA, PCM, DSD), XLR and wireless aptX HD Bluetooth sources. Vinyl lover? There's a moving magnet (MM) phono stage too, so you can hook up your turntable.

If you want a step up in power, the Michi X5 Series 2 offers 600 watts of Class AB output into 4 ohms, powered by dual in-house manufactured, low-noise toroidal transformers. It has over 95 component upgrades (compared to 90 for the X3 Series 2), and supports all the same sources as the X3 Series 2, as well as coaxial, optical and XLR balanced, plus a built-in moving coil (MC) phono stage.

Rotel Michi X5 series 2 back panel connection

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But the Michi P5 Series 2 Preamplifier outdoes both of its siblings with over 125 component upgrades. Its dual 8-channel ESS SABRE DACs are specially adapted to mono mode to extract more music detail, while dual toroidal transformers isolate the digital and analogue power supply feeds to further reduce noise and distortion. It supports all the same sources as the X5 Series 2.

All three models go on sale this month. The X3 Series 2 is £5999 / $5799 / AU$7999, the X5 Series 2 is £8199 / $7999 / AU$10,999 and the P5 Series 2 is £4999 / $4599 / AU$6499.


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