Razer's new soundbar features THX Spatial Audio and dynamic head-tracking

Razer Leviathan V2 Pro gaming soundbar
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If you're a gamer searching for a different way to be immersed in your favourite FPS shooters, then Razer has an interesting proposition at CES 2023.

The gaming peripherals giant has joined forces with Audioscenic – experts in 3D audio beamforming – to build the Razer Leviathan V2 Pro.

This feature-packed gaming soundbar combines THX Spatial Audio, 3D beamforming and dynamic head-tracking with the aim of delivering personalised immersive sound.

How does it work? Audioscenic's tech uses ‘computer vision’ to track the position of listeners – this takes the form of an integrated IR camera that can actually detect where the user is sat – and send separate narrow beams of sound to their left and right ears. The idea is to deliver 3D audio directly to your seating position without the need for headphones. And the best part is that the soundbar can react in real-time to your positioning so you're always sat in the sweet spot.

3D audio can be experienced a couple of ways through the new Leviathan V2 Pro - THX Spatial Audio Virtual Headset for 3D or binaural content and THX Spatial Audio Virtual Speakers for stereo or multi-channel content.

Co-Founder and Audioscenic Chief Technology Officer, Marcos Simon said “Spatial sound is seeing a tremendous increase in backing by the audio industry and we are proud to work with Razer and THX Spatial Audio, to bring a product to market that defines the future of a user-centric listening experience. The future of audio listening is spatial and integrating technology like ours to consumer products has the power to revolutionise the domestic audio scene”

The only downside? Currently, the soundbar is only compatible with PCs, although, in the long term, the aim is to branch out and offer a solution for a soundbar-based home cinema system, complete with HDMI inputs.

The Razer Leviathan V2 Pro will be available in February 2023 and pricing will start at €490 / $400.


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