Focal's Vestia speaker range is designed for stereo and home cinema systems

Focal Vestia
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Focal has announced a new range of loudspeakers at CES 2023. The Focal Vestia is a five-strong speaker line-up that can be used in both stereo and home cinema configurations.

The Vestia range (named after the Roman/Greek goddesses of hearth and home, Vesta and Hestia) consists of one pair of standmount speakers (Vestia Nº1), three floorstanding models (Vestia Nº2, Nº3 and Nº4) and one centre speaker (Vestia Center Channel). Looking to complete the 5.1 surround sound set up? Focal suggests the existing SUB 600P (£799 / $1399) as the ideal pairing for the Vestia speakers.

Focal's new speaker range sits in between the entry-level Chora range and the pricier Aria series, offering a range of relatively affordable speaker options. It's rather pleasing to see more sensibly-priced kit after recently reviewing a couple of high-end (and very excellent) headphones from Focal (Utopia 2022, Bathys).

All Vestia speakers feature a new 'M' shaped aluminium-magnesium inverted dome TAM tweeter – this was originally developed by Focal's in-car audio experts and this revamped version is making its debut in home speakers for the first time.

An evolved version of Focal's 'Slatefiber' cone driver technology – made from recycled carbon fibre and first used in the Chora speaker range from 2019 – also appears on all five speakers.

Focal Vestia tweeter

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The Nº1 standmount speakers are ideal for small spaces (up to 30m², says Focal) and feature the new M-shaped TAM tweeter with waveguide and a 16.5 mid/bass driver. The centre speaker features two mid/bass drivers.

The three floorstanders include the tweeter and a 16.5 Slatefiber mid/bass driver. As you go up the range, the Nº2 model sports additional twin Slatefiber 16.5 woofer drivers, there are three of the same woofers for the Nº3 speaker, while the Nº4 model features two larger 21cm woofers.

The standmount speakers have a "low-distortion" front port, while the three floorstanders boast both front and rear ports for "more frontal impact" and a deeper soundstage.

All speakers are available in three finishes for the side panels: Black High Gloss, Dark Wood or Light Wood, and each is accompanied by a black or white leather-effect finish for the front panels. 

Stands specially designed for the standmount speakers and for the centre channel are also available in a brushed black finish. The stands have a titled design to aid time alignment and offer a better soundstage and "more immersive listening experience", claims Focal.

Focal Vestia

(Image credit: Focal)

The Focal Vestia range of speakers and stands will be available in January 2023, and prices are:

Vestia N°1 – £799 / $1198 / AU$1499

Vestia N°2 – £1799 / $2798 / AU$3599

Vestia N°3 – £2399 / $3598 /AU$4499

Vestia N°4 – £2599 / $4398

Vestia Center Channel (CC) – £449 / $699 / AU$899

Nº1 speaker stands – £299 / $249 (around AU$527) per pair

Center Channel stand – $129 (around £100, AU$188) each


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