Pure develops media portal for its Evoke Flow internet radio

Pure Lounge

The Pure Lounge is a bespoke radio and media portal to provide easy access to internet radio stations, podcasts, listen-again content and Pure Sounds. The latter is a library of 100 sounds designed to allow the listener to set the perfect mood or even help their child go to sleep.

Pure Sounds includes the sound of seagulls, the human heartbeat and a thunderstorm.

Once the listener has registered their Evoke Flow radio on the website, they can set up their favourites and create a bespoke schedule of programmes that match their tastes and listening habits.

The Pure Lounge also has a powerful search mechanism which makes it easier to choose from thousands of internet radio stations around the world, says Pure. Users can search by any combination of name, genre, location, language and even audio quality. The same search mechanism can be used on the Evoke Flow radio too.

Given the (highly) variable bit-rates of internet radio stations, the ability to sort stations by audio quality, on a scale of one to five (five being the highest), is a major advantage.

Pure will launch its Evoke Flow DAB/FM/wi-fi radio in September for £150. We've just published a full review here, so check it out.