PSB introduces a pair of 'affordable' subwoofers to Alpha range

PSB introduces a pair of 'affordable' subwoofers to Alpha range
(Image credit: PSB)

Fresh from their world debut at Denver's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest last week, PSB's new pair of Alpha DSP-controlled, powered subwoofers have now moved across town to the CEDIA Expo site.

Designed to give a bass boost to your music and movies, the PSB S10 ($549/£499) and S8 ($449/£399) join the rest of the Alpha speaker range, which was unveiled earlier this year at CES in Las Vegas.

Both subs feature long-throw drivers and bass reflex enclosures with a rear port. Digital signal processing (DSP) is used to "deliver the flattest frequency response and powerful bass extension", says PSB, and power is provided by a 150W digital amplifier.

The S10 uses a 10in woofer with a polypropylene cone and rubber surround, while the S8 uses a smaller 8in woofer, as their names imply.

On the back panel you'll find volume and crossover controls, a phase switch, low level input, auto on/standby switch, gold plated RCA connectors and a USB socket fo connecting wireless accessories.


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