Panasonic announces new Blu-ray players, soundbars and soundbases

Panasonic's new range of Blu-ray players is five-strong, kicking off with two entry-level models - the DMP-BD83 and DMP-BDT165. Both share a compact design. The 'BD83 (pictured above) is a no-frills, 2D Blu-ray player, while the 'BDT165 adds compatibility for 3D Blu-rays.

Move up the range and you arrive at the DMP-BDT170 and DMP-BDT270. Both offer 4K upscaling, DNLA support and web-browsing; the main difference being the 'BDT270 comes with integrated wi-fi.

The DMP-BDT370 is the model that sits at the top of the new range. It's available in black and silver (the silver version is the DMP-BDT371). 4K upscaling is included, as is playback for 4K JPEG photos. There's also 2D-3D conversion.

The award-winning DMP-BDT700 and 'BDT460 are still current models, and will continue for the time being. Panasonic hasn't confirmed, however, if they'll be replaced this year.

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Soundbars and soundbases, but no Blu-ray systems

With no Blu-ray systems on display at its European Convention, Panasonic's attention was focused on its soundbars and speakerboards (or soundbases as they're more commonly known).

There are two new soundbases, the SC-HTE200 and the SC-ALL30T (pictured above). Both feature a Long Aero Stream Port and a Dual Integrated Subwoofer, which claims to reproduce deep and dynamic bass without the need for a separate sub.

The SC-ALL30T fits in with Panasonic's new range of All Connected products, which deliver wireless multi-room streaming. You can connect two Panasonic SC-ALL2 speakers to the 'ALL30T and create a 4.1 surround sound system.

Both the SC-HTE200 and SC-ALL30T feature 4K pass-through, a special 'Clear' mode for enhanced dialogue, Bluetooth, NFC and a glass-top panel.

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Soundbars are big business at the moment, and Panasonic is launching four new models this year: SC-ALL70T, SC-HTB885, SC-HTB690 and the SC-HTB485. Each can be wall-mounted, and all four come with its own downward-firing, wireless subwoofer. All the soundbars feature Bluetooth (and NFC) connectivity too, and - with the exception of the entry-level SC-HTB485 - support 4K pass-through.

The SC-ALL70T is a 3.1 channel system, compatible with Panasonic's All Connected ecosystem of wireless products. Add two SC-ALL2 speakers and you've got yourself a 5.1 surround sound system.

Both the SC-HTB885 and SC-HTB690 use a special amplifier that Panasonic claims can eliminate jitter (digital timing errors) and distortion. Pricing and launch dates are all still to be confirmed, but we'll be updating the page just as soon as we get them.

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