NEWS: Boston's stereo SoundBar keeps it simple

The idea of a 'soundbar' speaker for use with flatscreen TVs isn't new - companies such as Denon and Yamaha already make similar products - but Boston Acoustics has decided to keep things simple with its new TVee Two: the £350 unit has a wireless subwoofer, and can learn the volume and mute commands from a TV's handset, so you don't even need an extra remote control.

Designed for use with flatscreens of 32in and above, the TVee Two requires just a single connection from a TV's line audio output, and is stereo only, rather than having the surround simulation commonly found in such units. It uses four 6.5cm mid/bass drivers and a pair of 12.5cm dome tweeters, while the subwoofer has a downward-firing 15cm bass unit, the system having a total power output of 100W.

The wireless sub can be hidden away anywhere in the room, and the TVee Two also comes with Boston Acoustics' Personal Option Plan - a wide range of coloured cloth grilles are available for the main speaker unit, at £45 each. The one at the top of this page is Caramel, and the TVee Two is seen in black below.

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