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Naim launches XP5 XS power supply aimed at Naim DAC and NDX

Naim XP5 XS

Naim has announced a new £1595 power supply, the XP5 XS, promising a significant upgrade to the Naim DAC, NDX network player, CDX, HDX and more.

The XP5 XS uses a custom designed 400VA toroidal transformer housed within the familiar slimline XS series, non-magnetic case.

Connectivity comes via a Burndy socket, included with the XP5 XS, capable of sending multiple regulated outputs to Naim's DAC, NDX, ND5 XS, CDX2, CDX, CDS2 and CDS3.

Power supplies have long been a key part of Naim's catalogue and performance philosophy and the company hopes to fill a more affordable (relatively) hole with the XP5 XS.

The £1595 Naim XP5 XS power supply has begun shipping to retailers today.

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