More Pixel Buds Pro details shared by buyer who received them early

More Pixel Buds Pro details shared by buyer who received them early
(Image credit: u/Linkakox / Reddit)

The Google Pixel Buds Pro aren't on sale until Thursday (28th July), but one lucky buyer has received theirs early. Want to know more details and what they think of them? Read on.

The details emerged on Reddit from user u/Linkakox (via 9to5Google). The buyer ordered them from a French website which accidentally shipped them ahead of time.

According to the user – and this is their opinion, not our definitive verdict – the Buds Pro sound better than the Pixel Buds A-Series, but they also feel a little less secure than their predecessors. (Remember, though, fit can vary from person to person.) The ANC (Active Noise-Cancelling) works well, and multipoint audio works as advertised, they also report.

The earbuds are a bit bigger than the Pixel Buds A-Series. From the pictures, the Pixel Buds Pro appear more bulbous, and they lack the ear fins of the A-Series. The Pro's case is wider and thicker too. According to the user, they don't ship with a charger or even a USB-C cable, so you'll have to supply your own.

That's the hardware covered. In terms of software, the Pixel Buds app doesn't yet support ANC (it's new for the Buds Pro) but hopefully, Google will update this and add any new functionality ahead of Thursday's launch.

These are just preliminary findings from one user. But with the Pixel Buds A-Series earning five stars from us, hopes are high that the Pixel Buds Pro will be even better. Say tuned for our full review.


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