Monitor Audio announces new Silver Series speakers

British speaker brand Monitor Audio has unveiled its Silver range of hi-fi speakers, introducing eight new mid-market models.

Following on from the award-winning success of the RX series, the Silver range aims to offer "an exceptional balance of performance, versatility, lifestyle appeal and value."

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The range amounts to two standmount models, the Silver 1 and 2; followed by three floorstanders, Silver 6, 8 and 10 as well as a dedicated centre, an 'FX' surround speaker and an active subwoofer model.

Design elements introduced through the company's Platinum and Gold series have been incorporated, with new bass, mid-range drivers and tweeters adding to the roll-call of improvements.

Improvements to the design of the bass driver will, Monitor Audio claims, "increase excursion and power handling" ensuring that distortion is reduced for a more dynamic and accurate response.

Mid-range drivers have benefitted from an upgrade, with the 4" drivers found in the Silver 8 and 10 models said to reproduce mid frequencies with accuracy. Monitor Audio also say that the new tweeter design will alleviate distortion, delivering a more accurate response when dealing with low frequencies.

Monitor Audio boasts that all models in the range will "offer higher sensitivity, reduced distortion and higher impedence than their predecessors". As a result, speakers can be paired with a wider range of partnering equipment.

Available in a variety of premium quality real wood veneers (Rosenut, Walnut, Natural Oak and Black Oak), buyers can also choose from high-gloss black and white finishes for £50 to £150 more.

The Monitor Audio Silver set of loudspeakers are set for release in October 2013 with prices starting at £500.

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by Kobina Monney

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