Magico's Titan 15 subwoofer promises 6500W of earth-shaking bass

Magico Titan 15
(Image credit: Magico)

High-end loudspeaker giant Magico has unveiled a 6500W subwoofer that could add some add some serious oomph to your set-up... and leave a serious dent in your finances.

The monster Titan 15 uses two 3200W Class D amplifiers to power a pair of 15-inch drivers. The newly designed, dual-opposed drivers boast stiff aluminium cones which promise maximum output levels of 136dB and minimal distortion at low frequencies.

Magico says it "meticulously engineered" this monster sub to be "the best deep bass speaker" money can buy. Hence the solid, sealed, aluminium enclosure (650 x 760 x 650mm) and the ability to extend performance well beyond the bandwidth of human hearing at  >20Hz.

"Whether listening to the lowest pipe organ note at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City or the earthshaking steps of a dinosaur in the movie Jurassic Park, the Titan 15 is designed to reproduce low frequency sounds with realistic force and energy," said a spokesperson.


(Image credit: Magico)

Need a hand manoeuvring the Titan 15 into place? Don't call us. This beast weighs 177kg or 390lbs (around 27 stone!). Still, what's a few torn ligaments in the pursuit of unparalleled low bass performance?

When it comes to placement, the Titan 15 has the brains to match its brawn. The combined electronic crossover and Magico-designed DSP control centre enable the user to precisely calibrate the sub to the main left/right speakers in a stereo or surround sound system.

As for price, those familiar with Magico will know that it aims high. The firm's 'affordable' Catch 22 speakers debuted at £12,000, while the 2.3m-tall Ultimate III cruised into our list of the 12 of the world's most expensive loudspeakers.

As for the Titan 15 subwoofer, it's due on sale at Absolute Sounds in the first quarter of 2022 with an RRP of £37,998 / $32,000 / AU$50,500.


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