Magico's floorstanders boast F1 levels of engineering – but the price will make your eyes water

Magico M7 press shot in a room
(Image credit: Magico)

Ultra-high-end Californian audio brand Magico has announced its new floorstanding loudspeaker model, and you might have to sit down after you've heard how much it costs. Retailing at £450,000 in the UK, the M7 expands Magico's reputation for super-expensive products made from super-premium materials. Let's not forget that 2020's flagship M9 launched at close to £1,000,000 per pair. Imagine having those in your front room...

On the subject of the uber-expensive M9, the M7 take much of their heritage and DNA from Magico's flagship performance speaker. The new four-way floorstander was conceived, according to the company, to be "a more accessible version of the M9". Accessibility, clearly, is a relative term to Magico.

The M7’s 164cm tall enclosure weighs nearly a quarter of a tonne and is made with a carbon fibre shell. With the aerospace levels of engineering involved, Magico claims that the engineering and performance involved make the M7 the "loudspeaker equivalent of a championship-winning F1 car". At these prices, you'd hope so.

The new model's heritage, though, is truly reflected in its internal technology. The M7's drivers are designed to eliminate distortion, with the 28mm diamond-coated tweeter (the same as the M9's) optimised for reduced distortion, greater power handling and "massive dynamic capability". The 12.7cm mid-range, meanwhile, uses an aluminium honeycomb core sandwiched between two layers of graphene-infused carbon fibre for what Magico promises is "the highest-performing 5-inch (12.7cm) midrange ever developed".

Magico M7 press shot in a room

(Image credit: Magico)

There's also a 23cm midbass with a newly-designed basket assembly, alongside a 30.5cm bass driver which employs the same honeycomb and graphene set-up as seen with the midrange. More generally, the M7's cabinet enclosure is designed as a carbon fibre shell for minimised distraction and negligible internal resonances for reduced damping.

Magico’s bespoke crossover system also appears to be super high-end. The four-way network takes high-end components and integrates six drive units into a virtual point source to make the drivers sound united as a single whole. Similarly, the speakers' support technology provides a stable footprint to massively reduce noise and give "perfect" coupling to the floor. 

The Magico M7 will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2024. The price of installing a pair is a whopping £450,000 in the UK, with an approximate US price of $375,000 (varies across retailers). 


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