Loewe launches Klang 5 floorstanding speakers

Loewe has launched the Klang 5s, powered speakers that are designed to work seamlessly with Loewe TVs, but can should stand alone as hi-fi speakers in their own right.

Their resonance-resistant main enclosure is made of aluminium, with no unsightly bolts or fixings visible. They also have an "acoutsically transparent" textile covering and cast-aluminium heatsink for dissipating heat. The integrated stand hides the power cable too. Tidy.

The Klang 5s (Klang means 'sound' in German) feature five drive units in what's known as a D'Appolito arrangement - a 25mm tweeter is flanked vertically by two 76mm midrange drivers and two 76mm woofers. The tweeter and midrange units are each driven by a separate amplifier, while a fourth amp module takes care of the two woofers. This gives a combined power output of 135W RMS (270W max) per speaker.

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There is an acoustic waveguard, designed to provide a nice big sweetspot, says Loewe - so the Klang 5s should be fairly forgiving in regard to placement. The waveguard should also help to minimise reflections from the floor and ceiling.

The speakers are designed to work seamlessly with Loewe TVs, using the 'Klang Link' wireless transmitter box. This allows lossless audio be transmitted wirelessly with a latency of less than 5ms - so the sound always matches what's happening on screen.

Use one or two pairs of Klang 5 floorstanders with the matching subwoofer and the soundbar built into a Loewe TV, and you'll have yourself a rather stylish 3.1 or 5.1 setup.

A Loewe TV will automatically detect the Klang 5s, and their settings can then be adjusted via the TV menu. Also, once connected, both the TV and speakers will power up with the push of a button on the TV remote.

A pair of Klang 5s will set you back £3490, while the subwoofer costs £1390.

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