Loewe Mediacenter
Three models integrate with TV, Blu-ray and third-party equipment

New from luxury consumer electronics brand Loewe is a line-up of MediaCenter units, complete with integrated CD and DVD playback, an onboard radio tuner complete with internet radio access, and music streaming.

The units can also control an external Blu-ray player, and have a dock for iPods and iPhones, while audio can also be streamed out to extra zones, under the control of the company's Assist Media remote control.

Both the Mediacenters and the remote have display screens able to show cover art and disc/track information, and the Mediacenters connect direct to a TV using HDMI, both for DVD playback and to show that cover art.

The Loewe units can work with external hard disks or network storage, and all but the entry-level Individual Mediacentre, selling for around £2445, also have onboard storage, in the form of mirrored 160GB hard-drives.

The top of the range model is the Reference Mediacenter, which sells for £3575.

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At just 74mm deep, the Mediacenters can be hung on a wall, or used on a choice of table or floor stands.

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