Lenco's new flagship turntable combines Bluetooth streaming with upgradable components

Lenco LBT345WA on a stand next to a scent diffuser
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Lenco has announced a new flagship turntable, which is said to combine premium hi-fi sound with a range of user-friendly connectivity options. 

The new LBT-345WA features an Ortofon 2M Red moving magnet cartridge and a custom carbon-fibre tonearm. It also includes a built-in phono stage, allowing active speakers to be hooked up, however, this can be bypassed if you prefer to connect the turntable to an external phono preamp. The cartridge can also be swapped out for a different model, giving you a way to upgrade the deck's performance further if you wish.

The turntable features stereo RCA and USB type-B ports alongside Bluetooth 5.2, which means you can stream vinyl to compatible wireless speakers and Bluetooth headphones. The USB output can be used to record your vinyl digitally to Mac or PC – a nice feature for those who want to archive their collection. 

The LBT-345WA comes with a chrome-plated record stabiliser, which can be placed on the centre of the turntable platter. This lightly presses on the record and ensures even contact with the turntable, reducing unwanted vibrations.

Winston Eade, the International Business Development Manager for Lenco said, "With an amazing value proposition and the inclusion of an Ortofon cartridge, this turntable stands as a testament to its superior design and functionality."

The LBT-345WA is available now in a gloss walnut finish for £449 / $549 / €479 / AUD829 and we are looking forward to seeing – and hearing – what it is capable of.


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  • Rui
    Lenco had very good turntables this still uses it´s arm with hanging weight anti-skating but never seen it yet