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Klipsch debuts its Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos speakers

While there's no shortage of Dolby Atmos-enabled home cinema amps on the market, speaker manufacturers haven't been quite as forthcoming with dedicated Atmos speaker solutions. KEF has its R50 module, Onkyo has a few Atmos-enabled systems and we've tested Pioneer's S-73A Atmos package.

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Now it's Klipsch's turn to launch an Atmos solution. The Klipsch Reference Premiere line-up consists of three models: the RP-280FA floorstander ($2400 per pair), complete with built-in height arrangement.

There's also the RP-140SA ($500 per pair). These module-like speakers can be added to an existing surround package, either as Atmos speakers or rear surround channels.

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Completing the line-up is the brand new RP-450CA centre channel ($850).

Klipsch claims its Tractrix Horn technology, which features across these new models, will allow the speakers to "meet the directivity and sensitivity specifications that Dolby requires for Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers".

The RP-280FA and RP-450CA are both available in either walnut or black real wood veneer, while the RP-140SA is available in a brushed black polymer veneer. UK pricing is still to be confirmed.

Of course, Atmos' forthcoming rival, DTS:X claims you don't need to change or add any additional speakers to your system to enjoy its benefits...

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