KEF unveils R50 Dolby Atmos speaker module

The R50 benefits from the company's full-range Uni-Q driver array, which comprises a 25mm aluminium vented-tweeter and a 13cm bass/mid driver.

KEF claims that these drivers work together to produce "deep lows, a fast and clean midrange response, and pure high frequencies with exceptional clarity". Z-flex surround technology is also used in an effort to reduce distortion and enhance vocal clarity.

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The R50 uses a wedged shaped cabinet design that is intended to project the sound upwards, before it is then reflected by your ceiling to deliver the Dolby Atmos sound experience.

KEF said the modules can be placed on either floorstanding or bookshelf speakers, which don't necessarily have to be made by them - the R50 is compatible with any Dolby Atmos system where an Atmos-enabled speaker is required.

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KEF is also offering in-ceiling speakers that are designed to further enhance the Dolby Atmos sound effect in your living room, which include the Ci160QR; Ci200R and THX Ultra-2 certified Ci200RR-THX models.

The KEF R50 Dolby Atmos speaker modules will be available from early November, with a price tag of £600 per pair.

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