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KEF's new desktop system features the iconic 'egg' speaker design, complete with wireless connectivity and high-resolution audio support.

It's been a while since KEF has launched a new product based on its famous 'egg' speaker design.

We've reviewed our fair share of egg-based 5.1 systems over the years, many of which have won Awards, but it's now back with a brand-new 2.0 desktop set-up.

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Unboxing video

You can hook-up audio sources via a number of different methods including Bluetooth (the system includes aptX support) and the built-in USB socket. This input supports high-res sample rates up to 24-bit/96kHz.

There's also an optical input to accept the sound from your TV and a 3.5mmm input for portable devices if you prefer to go wired instead of wireless. A subwoofer output means you can boost low frequencies at a later date.

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KEF claims these new eggs are the most "sophisticated and acoustically accomplished version" of the speaker, and they feature KEF's trademark Uni-Q driver, claimed to aid precision and dispersion.

The EGG Wireless Digital Music System goes on sale this month for £350 and is available in three different finishes: Gloss Black, Pure White and Frosted Blue.

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Geddy76's picture

Pair a pair with my LS50s?

I'm looking for a quadraphonic/surround setup...  I wonder if a pair of these would be good as the 'rear' speakers alongside my LS50s?  Looking forward to the review.

Andy Clough's picture

KEF Eggs

That's not really what they are designed for. The Eggs are wireless Bluetooth speakers designed for streaming audio from PCs/portable devices, whereas the LS50s are wired hi-fi speakers.

Not sure how you'd hook them up as rear speakers in a conventional set-up.

jacking's picture

You had me all excited there

You had me all excited there for a while. I thought this was a new wireless surround speaker system. I can still dream!