JBL's new Quantum gaming headsets are designed for Xbox and PlayStation

JBL Quantum 910P
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JBL's Quantum line of gaming headsets is getting a big refresh. At CES 2023, JBL has announced the Quantum 360 and Quantum 910 wireless gaming headsets, with both coming in an Xbox version and a PlayStation version. 

While JBL may be better known for its speakers, the brand also has quite the list of headsets for sale within the context of the Quantum line. So, what do the latest Quantum headsets from JBL bring to the table? Well, quite a lot, actually.

First up, both the 360 and 910 have dedicated Xbox and PlayStation versions equipped with the trademark colours of each console. The Quantum 910 also comes with JBL's own spatial audio solution, QuantumSPATIAL 360, though you can of course use Xbox's Dolby Atmos or PlayStation's 3D Audio with both headsets.

In terms of hardware, the Quantum 910 comes with 50mm drivers, while the Quantum 360 comes with 40mm drivers. The 910 comes with a reported 37 hours of battery life, and the 360 has a reported 22 hours of battery life.

What's more is that while you can buy Xbox or PlayStation versions of these headsets, all the versions support Nintendo Switch and PC, and the Xbox versions will also work with PlayStation. However, the PlayStation versions won't work with Xbox, which is a useful thing to know if you own both consoles.

JBL Quantum 910X

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On top of all of the above, both the 910 and 360 will support QuantumSURROUND on PC, while the 910 will also support QuantumSPHERE 360 on PC. The 910 line comes with active noise cancellation (ANC), while the cheaper 360 doesn't, and the 910 also manages to offer up a flip-up-to-mute mic with noise suppression.

For further customisation, you can use JBL's Quantum Engine app on PC to tweak your Quantum headsets and adjust surround, EQ, sidetone and mic settings. All told, these headsets offer up basically everything you'd expect from a modern gaming headset. Of course, we'll have to get our hands on them to tell you how they actually perform in the real world.

Keep an eye on JBL's website in March of this year, as that's when the Quantum 910 and Quantum 360 headsets are expected to go on sale for the first time. The 910 will retail for £219.99 / $299.95 (approximately AU$386), and the 360 will go for £119.99 / $129.95 (approximately AU$210). While neither headset may be the cheapest out there, considering JBL's reputation in the audio world and the features on offer, they're worth a look.


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