Is Apple making a HomePod with a video screen? Siri seems to think so...

Is Apple making a HomePod with a screen? Siri seems to think so...
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Apple may have discontinued the original HomePod last year, but that doesn't mean it's not working on new smart speakers

Not only does the HomePod Mini live on, Apple has since granted the original HomePod some posthumous new skills. And now it could be working on a version with a screen.

The leak comes via none other than Siri herself in a video posted to Reddit (via ScreenRant). Asked to find some information from Wikipedia, Apple's voice assistant can be heard saying "I found an answer. It's displayed on your HomePod." Which is curious, seeing that the HomePod doesn't have a screen. A few other users claim in the comments that they have received the same answer from Siri.

This isn't the only clue pointing to a screen-equipped HomePod. Back in April last year, Bloomberg reported that Apple was considering creating a HomePod with a screen to compete with Amazon's Echo Show devices and Google's Nest Hub range.

It also claimed that Apple was trying to find a way to combine the Apple TV with a HomePod. Which would definitely involve a screen.

Amazon and Google's speakers with screens act as hubs for your whole smart home, especially Amazon's massive Echo Show 15, which has a 15-inch screen and is designed to be wall-mounted. If this video is a real clue to where Apple's heading – and not just a software bug – it seems Apple could soon be competing in that space. Maybe even as soon as 8th March, when Apple is rumoured to hold its next launch event.

So could we see a screen debut on the HomePod 2? Watch this space...


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