Imerge introduces MS1 media server and XiVASafe hard disk systems

Imerge MS1

The MS1 is designed for custom installation and to be the hub of your home entertainment set-up, delivering 1080p high-definition video playback via HDMI. It has a graphically-driven user interface and can be partnered with a 3TB or 6TB XiVASafe hard disk for storing audio and video.

The XiVASafe can support "all common video formats" and the 6TB version is said to store up to 1700 hours of films. It will also store most music formats for pumping multiroom music around the home.

A one-zone Imerge MS1 media server with XS3i (3TB) XiVASafer hard drive costs £13,098, while the XS6i (6TB) version costs £14,096. Additional zones can be added for £1702 each.