Sony MDR-NC300D
New MDR-NC300D in-ear model claims to cut up to 98.4% of ambient noise with advanced digital processing

Sony has been making in-ear noise-cancelling headphones for a long time, but its new model claims to be the most effective yet. The MDR-NC300D, in the shops in October, uses digital sound processing to cut up to 98.4% of ambient noise.

The new headphones use Advanced Artificial Intelligent Noise Cancelling, which continuously monitors the ambient noise, and uses this information to select the best anti-noise profile at any given moment.

The results are then passed to Sony's S-Master digital amplification and a 16mm Neodymium-magnet driver in each earpiece. There's also a digital sound enhancer to make the most of compressed music, and a choice of three sound modes: movie, bass and normal.

The headphones come with seven sizes of soft silicone earbuds, and are powered by a single AA battery, giving 20 hours' use.

Also new is a simpler budget in-ear noise cancelling design: the MDR-NC33 uses 13.5mm Neodymium-magnet drivers, and runs for 100 hours on a single AAA battery.