Flagship Dali Kore floorstanding speakers come with a £70,000 price tag

Dali Kore
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At High End Munich you expect to see the odd product launch with a premium price tag, and Dali hasn’t disappointed in 2022. We’ve just been to the launch of Dali Kore, the company's new flagship speakers, which cost a cool £70,000 (€80,000).

“The Dali Kore represents for Dali a design, electroacoustic, engineering, manufacturing and musical rebirth,” said Lars Worre, Dali’s CEO.

They’re the most advanced speakers the Dali team has built and Kore is packed with a number of technical innovations and firsts for the brand.

Each driver used in Kore has been designed from the ground up. The midrange and bass drivers use a new second-generation of Dali’s SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) combined with a concept the company calls Balanced Drive to create Balanced Drive SMC, which uses two voice coils to reduce any potential signal loss and distortion.

The seven-inch midrange unit also includes a redesigned version of Dali's trademark wood fibre cone.

The Evo-K Hybrid Tweeter is an evolution of the Hybrid Tweeter used in Dali’s Epicon range. It uses a new 35mm dome tweeter, built in-house, and redesigned ribbon tweeter element. Dali claims the new tweeter delivers improved performance with lower frequencies, helps with integration and lowers distortion.

You won't be surprised to hear plenty of attention to detail has been paid to the enclosure of these speakers too. The curved wood laminate features a striking Ammara Ebony veneer with a contrasting texture finish, while the use of die-cast aluminium and composite materials gives a rigid platform for each driver.

And, speaking of platforms, each speaker has a 34kg cement-based plinth keeping the speakers firmly anchored to the floor – it's needed, given each speaker weighs over 110kg on its own!

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