Exposure debuts new 3510 integrated amplifier

Exposure debuts new 3510 integrated amplifier
(Image credit: Exposure)

British hi-fi stalwart Exposure has just launched a new integrated amp, packed with "trickle-down technology" from the firm's pricier 5010 series.

The new 3510 is said to replace and improve upon "the award-winning 3010S2D of the outgoing 3010 series" and is capable of delivering 110W per channel (into 8 ohms). For comparison, the 5010 can manage 200 watts.

Features include six line inputs, with the option to fit a moving coil or moving magnet phono stage, or a plug-in DAC. The 3510 can be bi-wired and bi-amped, too, thanks to its separate preamplifier output. There's also a headphone output for private listening sessions.

Exposure has made a few key developments under the bonnet. The 3510’s newly redesigned power amplification section, for example, draws on Exposure’s flagship 5010 monoblocks to "deliver enhanced linearity and lower distortion at high power output".

Meanwhile, AV fans will be happy to note that the 3510 offers a choice of fixed or variable gain, meaning that this amplifier can be set up for either regular stereo or home cinema use. 

Last but not least, Exposure says the hybrid power supply circuit has been specially designed to ensure "very low noise on the supply rails to the gain stage," so any mains hum should be kept to a minimum.

How will it fare against the very best stereo amplifiers on the market? It's too early to say, but, on paper, it certainly sounds promising. The Exposure 3510 integrated amplifier is available now in a choice of titanium or black, priced at £2,250.


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