Dog & Bone earphones include a heating dock to provide a better fit for your earbuds

In-ear headphones are rarely the most comfortable, and while some companies are looking into making custom-fit headphones, Dog & Bone has taken a more unusual approach.

The company's 'Earmade' Bluetooth headphones come with a heating dock. Place the buds in the dock for two minutes, then fit the moldable component into your ear and the earbuds will set to your shape.

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According to company co-founder Maria Ranchod, it's a "safe and streamlined process that is so simple, my eight-year-old could create earbuds on her own".

The headphones themselves are water- and sweat-resistant, and contain an 80mAh battery that lasts for six hours - rechargable via microUSB. There's also playback and call functionality via the remote on the cable.

The Earmade will be available later this year, priced $160 (£130).

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