CES 2015: Sharp unveils new 4K Ultra HD TVs - sizes, prices, specs

Screen sizes for Sharp's new 4K TVs will range from 43in to the company's first ever 80 incher. All 4K sets will have H.265 and VP9 decoding for 4K content, the latter being vital for streaming 4K video from YouTube.

The UE30 and UH30 ranges both run on the Android TV platform, which means you'll have access to movies, apps and games from Google Play - plus additional features like voice search. The sets will also feature Smart Control 4.0 - a new, customisable user interface. Sharp claims it will allow you to browse TV, satellite and internet content through just one menu screen.

On certain models, you'll be able to take advantage of Sharp's dual stand placement - a feature similar to that already found on some of Sony's most recent sets. Depending on the width of your TV stand, you can either position the feet spaced wide apart or closer together towards the middle of the set.

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Sharp UB30 series (due late Spring 2015)

Available in 43, 50, 55, 65in screen sizes

LC43UB30U $750

LC50UB30U $1000

LC55UB30U $1200

LC65UB30U $2300

Ultra-thin narrow bezel

SmartCentral 3.0

Revelation Upscaler

Wallpaper Mode


HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2

4K UHD streaming (HEVC

Sharp UE30 series (£tbc, due late Spring 2015)

Available in 60, 70 and 80in screen sizes

LC60UE30 $2000

LC70UE30 $2800

LC80UE30 $5400

The key differences between this and the entry-level UB30 range, are:

SmartCentral 4.0

Android TV platform

AquoMotion 480 picture processing

AquoDimming backlight technology

Dual stand positioning on the 70in and 80in models

Sharp UH30 series (£tbc, due late Spring 2015)

Flagship range, available in 70 and 80in screen sizes

LC70UH30 $3200

LC80UH30 $6000

The key differences between this and the UE30 range, are:

THX 4K Certified

SPECTROS colour processing technology

AquoMotion 960 picture processing

Silver outer bezel and stand

Touchpad remote control

UK pricing is still to be confirmed, but we'll update the story just as soon as we have the info.

Not content with three new ranges of 4K TVs, Sharp also previewed a brand new, stand-alone model which it claimed could bring people closer to 8K. Confusingly, the set in question actually has the resolution of a standard 4K set (3840x2160), but the TV does some clever vertical and horizontal pixel manupulation which allows Sharp to put its own little twist on the resolution. There's no model number or pricing for this 80in set, but it's due to go on sale in the second half of 2015.

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