BRISTOL SHOW 2010: Paradigm to unleash "the world's most powerful subwoofer"

Paradigm SUB2

The Paradigm Reference SUB 1 (£3499) and SUB 2 (£6999) are the flagship models in the range. The SUB 2, with 4500W of power, is said to "play lower and louder than any other subwoofer in the world".

It uses six 10in drivers, goes down to 7Hz, and measures 112dB at 10Hz and 126dB at 60Hz (in room).

The SUB 1 uses six 8in drivers and delivers 1700W of power.

If that's all too much for you, the "slightly more demure" Reference Seismic 110 (£1250) delivers 850W from a chassis less than 35cm in any dimension.

The 10in split-coil drive woofer is driven by an RMS UltraClass DTM amplifier which can move the cone up to 2in, delivering "unbelievably deep bass from such a petite little frame", claims Paradigm.

To ensure optimum performance, the Seismic 110 is designed to be used with Paradigm's Perfect Bass Kit, which analyses the subwoofer's response in your room, then sets the correct equalisation parameters.

You'll be able to hear the Paradigm subs in action at the SIM2 demo in the Executive Lounge at the show, which runs from February 26-28th.

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