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Black Friday speakers deal: save £150 on the Award-winning KEF EGG

Black Friday speakers deal: save £150 on the Award-winning KEF EGG
(Image credit: KEF)

The KEF EGG premium desktop speakers are currently available for only £199 thanks to a 40% discount from certain retailers.

Their iconic design and class-leading performance led to back-to-back What Hi-Fi? Awards in 2015 and 2016, and, despite losing that particular title to the Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2 since, prove that great sound doesn't age.

The EGGs are nominally desktop speakers, but their being wireless and their range of physical connections means you can really use them with any device, including as a sonic upgrade on most comparatively priced TV soundbars.

All the processing is done in the foot of the right-hand speaker, which also features your mains input, mini USB input and a subwoofer output alongside the out for connecting to the left-hand speaker. There's also a hybrid 3.5mm aux-in/digital optical connection behind a removable wedge of plastic at the side of the device.

Each featuring one of KEF's equally iconic Uni-Q drivers, which has the tweeter located right in the throat of the mid/bass driver to aid precision and dispersion, the EGGs produce a detailed and controlled performance.

It's not the most hard-hitting sound, but that is made up by agility and clarity, with voices cleanly projected with a convincing richness and instruments accompanied by natural textures and taut rhythm.

If you're looking for a new pair of speakers for your desktop, or even your TV, then this deal is one you probably won't want to miss.