Beyerdynamic’s new Pro X headphones are over-ear designs aimed at creators

Beyerdynamic 900 Pro X
(Image credit: Beyerdynamic)

Beyerdynamic has unveiled a new Pro X series product range aimed at creators, which includes two pairs of over-ear headphones designed to provide “an unprecedented performance in the class of studio headphones on all playback devices.”

Both the 700 Pro X (closed-back) and 900 Pro X (open-backed, pictured above) have, according to Beyerdynamic's press release, been designed to deliver both sound quality and comfort, and feature a brand new driver developed by the German audio company which includes a three-layer cone and lightweight voice coil made of “copper-plated high-tech” wire, which promises to serve up perfectly balanced conductivity and weight.

Beyerdynamic 700 Pro X

(Image credit: Beyerdynamic)

On the design front, you’ll find smooth grey velour ear pads along with a soft memory foam headband — a combination that should hopefully help with comfort over long listening sessions. Both headphones also feature a steel bracket for added sturdiness and you can replace almost all their parts for extra longevity.

The 700 Pro X (above) are can be used in the studio or on the move, while the 900 Pro X’s open-backed nature positions them more towards mixing and mastering in a studio or at listening at home. Both headphones are on sale now for €249.00 (around $288, £212 and AU$395), along with two new microphones — the M 70 Pro X (for broadcasting, podcasting and streaming) and M 90 Pro X (for recording vocals and instruments).


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