Best wireless headphones to buy in 2015


Looking for a cable-free earphone experience? We've rounded up the best wireless headphones you can buy in 2015.

Whether you're looking for on-ear or over-ear headphones, Bluetooth or RF wireless options, we have a recommendation. There are budget and premium headphones for you to consider, featuring brands such as Bose, Philips and Sennheiser.

From £30 to £300, we think these are the best wireless headphones on the market, and we'll be keeping this page updated as and when we review fresh alternatives...

Best wireless headphones under £50

SD50 SoundWear Bluetooth stereo headset from G-Hub

Four Stars

Tested at £30

When we first reviewed these headphones, they were called Slick Distributions SD50. The SD50 remains, but they now have a longer, slightly unwieldy name.

Nonetheless, the price stays the same: £30 for an on-ear pair of headphones seems fairly unbelievable. Once you consider that the SD50 is a wireless Bluetooth headphone then the proposition becomes even more staggering.

For the price it was never going to trouble the top guns nearer the £100 range in terms of features, but for this price you get a compact pair of cans with a decent charge of 10 hours. Perfect for when you're out and about.

Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled phones these SD50 headphones offer good performance for a great price.

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Best wireless headphones under £150

Sennheiser RS 160

Four Stars

Tested at £115

The entry-level version of the Sennheiser RF headphone range, the RS 160s aren't cheap but offer plenty for the price.

With closed-backed earcups (sound is trapped in, less leakage), these headphones are made of two components: the headphones themselves (HDR 160), and the transmitter (TX 160). The latter can connect up to four pairs of headphones using KLEER wireless technology (up to 20m line of sight range), and has a 3.5mm jack for wired connection of MP3 players, smartphones and other devices.

They may have been around a while but they're still a great listen. Crisp and clean, though a touch aggressive over prolonged periods.

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Best aptX Bluetooth headphones under £180

Sennheiser MM 400-X

Five Stars

Tested at £180 / Compare latest prices

Fitted with aptX Bluetooth (a higher quality version than standard Bluetooth), the MM 400-X deliver plenty of detail and balance.

If you already own an aptX enabled smartphone (the Galaxy S4 and HTC One both are, for example), then listening to your tunes in fantastic quality – allied with the convenience of Bluetooth – make the MM 400-X a great choice.

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Best wireless headphones under £200

Sennheiser RS 180

Five Stars

Tested at £185

More Sennheisers! You can't argue with the results, however: the RS 180s may be three years old but their excellence remains intact.

Much like their cheaper siblings the RS 160s, the RS 180 headphones employ the same look and use of the KLEER RF wireless transmission. Beware though, these cans are open-backed meaning they will leak sound.

The trade-off is excellent sound. Punchy and dynamic, they deliver appropriate heft no matter what you throw at them. Very much recommended.

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Best bluetooth headphones under £250

Philips Fidelio M2BT

Five Stars

Tested at £250

When we first made this list Philips' Fidelio M1BT was our choice in this section, a year later and it's still Philips, but this time it's the M2BTs.

Similar in look to the M1BTs, there isn't much in the way of changes with only minor updates made. Like their predecessor, the M2BTs sound fantastic, retaining that rich, balanced sound that made the M1s so entertaining. Add to its arsenal the ability to pair/play music by using the controls on the right ear-cup and high-quality aptX Bluetooth, and you have a recipe for a convenient and fantastic sounding pair of headphones.

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Best bluetooth headphones £300

Parrot Zik

Four Stars

Tested at £300

With the Zik, Parrot claimed to have made the most advanced headphones in the world. They're certainly full of features including a motion sensor, a touch-sensitive cover for playback, noise-cancellation, 2.1 A2DP Bluetooth and a free Android and iOS app to go with it.

Sound-wise they're very good with detail and timing, showing a decent hand with dynamics, too. Noise-cancelling works very well, diminishing most ambient sounds to a minor murmur and with all the features switched on you'll get about six hours playback.

If you're on the lookout for a headphone that combines good sound, wireless and noise-cancelling in one package, the Zik's would be handy choice

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