Antelope Audio's first-ever monitors promise big sound from a compact design

Antelope Audio Atlas i8 Studio Monitors
(Image credit: Antelope Audio)

Antelope Audio has released its first active studio monitor, the Atlas i8, which features a 3-way driver design including isobaric woofers and a co-axial combo for midrange and high frequencies. 

Antelope is a brand known for its audio interfaces and modelling mics, and it now takes its first steps into the world of studio monitors with an interesting pair that are said to deliver deep bass and an overall powerful sound. 

The Atlas i8 monitors feature two 8-inch woofers in an isobaric configuration, which means they are sat one behind the other, cone to magnet. Antelope says this provides ‘unrivalled power’ and low-end detail while reducing the size of the speaker cabinet. 

Each cabinet includes three Class-D amplifiers. These send bass frequencies to the 8-inch isobaric woofers, while the midrange driver and tweeter are arranged co-axially, with the tweeter positioned in the middle of the midrange unit. 

Antelope says this single-point source for mid and high frequencies allows the Atlas i8 monitors to be placed horizontally or vertically.

There’s a handy colour screen and rotary knob on the rear of the monitors which grants control over a 4-band equaliser, allowing for control over the bass, low mid, high mid, and treble frequencies. The Atlas i8 monitors feature XLR input and outputs for digital audio signals and a combo XLR/TRS input for analogue audio sources. 

Antelope Audio’s Atlas i8 active studio monitors are available now from for €2495 per monitor (£2168 approx).


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