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Getting there!

I am a student so therefore lack large sums of money, but with help from my Dad (cheers mate!) this is my system thus far: Teac CD player - yeah i know, but I very rarley listen to CD's, Origin Live tunrntable that I put together and fine tuned myself (which is constantly being fiddled with!) with a modified Rega arm and Sumiko Blue Point cartridge, Audiolab 8000A pre amp, bi-wired Lumley Lampros 100 speakers (amazing - listen if you ever get the chance!) and a Rotel RB 850 power amp powering a Castle sub for playing playstation and making tunes. I have a mixture of Origin Live interconnects and some of an un known origin, and QED silver anniversary speaker cables. The system sounds great, but has a bit of a mid range whole, does anybody know what might be causing it? i think it could possibly be the amplifier but as i don't have another one to try its hard to pin point it