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Upgrading kef KHT3005SE

Can anyone suggest the best way to upgrade the kef KHT3005 SE av speaker package to a 7-1 system I would like to add left and right floor stand speakers and use the existing front left and right speakers for the front high mode, I have a onkyo TX-NR809 amplifier 

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RE: Upgrading kef KHT3005SE

The latest edition of WHFSV has same question in the readers' questions - the mag suggests adding Q Acoustics 2050i floorstanders to an existing KEF surround system.


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RE: Upgrading kef KHT3005SE

That, I could understand if it was a Q Acoustics 5.1 system...

KEF's UniQ design has different dispersion characteristics to most loudspeakers due to the coincident nature of the drive units (treble unit set in the middle of the mid/bass driver). Because of this, I'd look at the Q500's. 

I would also highly recommend changing the centre to the Q200c too - the front three speakers are the most important as they're producing the majority of what you hear, and are setting the initial soundstage (everything that happens on the screen).

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Thank you for the advice 

Thank you for the advice 

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