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Surround sound v Music

I currently use a Zepplin Air for my music and stream to it from my iPhone. I also have Sky tv and use a Sony bdve780 bluray for the surround sound speakers. I am looking to replace this for a separates system that will enable me to have surround sound speakers but also play music through the same speakers.

My question is will the music sound poorer coming out of surround speakers? Or am I better off keeping my surround sound system separate from my music?

I am new to separates but was looking at getting an an AV receiver pos the Sony STR-DN1030, does that have AirPlay? And combining that with the sky box and a speaker package pos Dali Fazon 1, as recommended in latest mag issue.

I don't need the bluray player I just use that for the surround speakers so will get rid of it. 

So would the surround sound system work well with the Sky box? And would the system be also good for music?

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RE: Surround sound v Music

Hi in answer to your question, yes,you can have decent surround&hifi....also your sky box can be connected to the avr..so getting 5.1DD;but first have you a budget in mind?


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RE: Surround sound v Music

The speaker package and avr that I mentioned above were recommended this month. Budget £2000 ish.

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RE: Surround sound v Music

If you can accommodate it, a £2k surround package is going to sound a whole lot better than a Zeppelin, yes.  What was the system (I haven't seen the mag)?

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RE: Surround sound v Music

John Duncan wrote:

 (I haven't seen the mag)

A week after my subscription copy thudded on my mat, that does seem a strange state of affairs for a moderator, no?

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