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Re: Secondhand Hi-Fi

I have a mixture of kit.

New - CD192, Dali Ikon 6, ProAc Tabs, a few cables, equipment stand, plasma...

2nd hand - tuner, amps, dvd, an interconnect

Really old (18 years) - a Furukawa interconnect (free sub gift with HFC but don't tell Claire or Andrews)



System: Unison Research Unico CDE with upgraded DAC, Leema Tucana 2, Kudos Cardea C2, AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio Young Guru, Beyerdynamic MMX102iE.

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Re: Secondhand Hi-Fi

pair of roksan rok-one speakers in black though...sound brilliant for the money paid (£130)keep you mouse on top of it for a couple of secs.

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Re: Secondhand Hi-Fi

20 years old and still stunningWink


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