Images of a case purporting to be for the upcoming iPhone 7 show no sign of a headphone port, adding strength to rumours that Apple will lose it in favour of wireless and Lightning headphones.

The pictures have been obtained and shared by usually reliable tipster @OnLeaks, and they show a transparent case for the iPhone 7.

At the bottom of the case there are two equally sized spaces which are said to be for speaker grilles, suggesting that there won’t be a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The rumour that Apple would be removing the headphone jack has been circling for some time, with many industry analysts claiming Apple would use the Lightning connection to plug in headphones, or bundle a pair of wireless AirPods with the iPhone 7.

It was initially reported that Apple would keep the headphone port, but use a new D-shaped connector instead.

Philips and Audeze have both produced pairs of headphones that use the Lightning connection and it’s possible that the port could support hi-res audio through the Apple Music streaming service. 

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Removing the headphone port would make the iPhone 7 thinner than previous generations and also potentially make it waterproof.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced in September, so until then we just have rumours to go on.

For now, take them with a pinch of salt, but if you're an avid Apple fan you may want to hold off buying an expensive pair of headphones until the new phone is revealed.

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chebby's picture

If this is true

If this is true, then I think they are going to have to take the quickest and most colossal u'turn in their history, or face losing most of their market share - forever - just to stand by their decision.

I can foresee a situation where most iPhone users (all but the most rabidly loyal) simply 'boycott' a whole generation of iPhones and wait for Apple to either give-in, or commit commercial suicide by handing their market sector to Samsung with a little bow (of headphone cable) on the box.

What next? iPhones without screens?

manicm's picture

Chebby methinks you doth

Chebby methinks you doth protest too much. Firstly, going by sales alone, Apple customers seem to embrace radical changes. Secondly, iPhones are expensive, be it by outright purchase or contract -  I don't think many consumers will resist coughing up for new buds. Third, one can still use your beloved B&W in-ears on your iPads. Fourth, this is the price of innovation, especially if they're going to be wireless, or if indeed Apple will support hires through the lightning port.

busb's picture

Does not bother me at all - I

Does not bother me at all - I've been using Bluetooth for years. However, I don't want an even slimmer phone - I WANT MORE BATTERY LIFE & why no AptX codec for heaven's sake?

If you look closely at Apple's history of ditching technology, they have always judged doing so fairly carefully, such as 3 1/2' floppies, various connectors etc. I used to hate not having plug-in memory when 1st moving to an iPhone but just adapted. Does anyone still do swappable batteries for phones?

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What iPhone 7 has to offer!!!

iPhone 7 is yet to be launched in the coming month of September 2016. Let's see what will be the iPhone 7 price will be?