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Marantz ud5007



Has anybody got the above and maybe compared to a pioneer 320? I've got the latter and I'm happy with but no so happy with wdtv live, very clunky to use. I'm a stereo man I suppose I'm asking whether the analogue outs will be better than the already very good pioneer and what the streaming side works like. I used to own a azur 650bd which destroyed my old Sony 570 for sq but realise the pioneer would do the same. It would also maybe spin the odd cd but not too fussed on this as CDs are ripped and I use an rpac which I'm happy with.


Thanks in advance


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RE: Marantz ud5007

Sorry, edited because wrongly posted :shifty:

B&O beolab 9, NAD C510 DD dac/pre

Samsung 40d6500, Panasonic 210 blu-ray

Have a cyrus dac x lying around and a few headphones

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RE: Marantz ud5007

I have the UD5007 and previously the UD5005.  Some general comments -

Picture and sound are great and picture in my view is better on the UD5007.

UD5007 is fairly speedy in operation.

This player now plays network video much more robustly than the UD5005, including 24fps matieral.  Indeed, network video for me is a real highlight.

It will play high def audio correctly from network videos.

Overall, I'm very happy indeed with this player.


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