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Company CATTYLINK: Beware scams

hello all,

I'm French and as many Europeans I purchase products from the company CATTYLINK.
On my last purchase (Jungson JA 88), the product I received is defective and not working.
I contacted the company that refuses to take responsibility and not responding to my emails. This company is very professional when it sells you a product but changes his behavior when you encounter a problem. They refuse to take their responsibility towards their customers.
I read the forums and I discover every day new customers who have lost their money because they have received a faulty product and CATTYLINK did nothing for them.
I ask all users who make their purchase on this website to take advantage CATTYLINK for customers who have lost their money.
Thank you to them to send emails to this company asking them to find solutions to all clients who have lost large sums of money.
I warned all future customers to be very vigilant.
Thank you all.
Zitoune |(