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RE: Speaker stands ideal height

The_Lhc wrote:

RobinKidderminster wrote:
Off topic sorry. Absolute NOT absolute?????? I'm off to google that one.

I don't know if this link will work for a non-subscriber, some of them do. 



Bizarrely business insider had a good article on it.


I'm not sure what to believe anymore.  Maybe HDMI cables can make a difference  ROFL

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RE: Speaker stands ideal height

The_Lhc wrote:

Woodchippie wrote:

The_Lhc wrote:

RobinKidderminster wrote:
Or slightly higher and or in centre of screen?

Why would they need to be in the centre of the screen? I assumed he was talking about a music system though (although I don't think he is now).

yes, music system. I am sitting opposite sofa.

Wouldn't it make more sense to sit ON the sofa?

Only place to put speakers that's why I want to raise them so there not hindered by sofa.

Oh, right, so you are sitting opposite the sofa? Just asking because it'll sound a bit odd if you're sitting on the sofa with the speakers either side of your head.

its not in the lounge, it's the kitchen. Job to explain..we have small lounge area in kitchen with wood burner, very cosy in winter and can listen without anyone wanting to watch TV as that's in the lounge.

I'm with you, wish I could do the same but we have no heating in our kitchen at all, the fridge switched itself off about three weeks ago and hasn't restarted since!

Actually the rest of the house isn't much warmer...

    Hope this works, took me a while. Might explain situation. Plus I got nothing better to do today.





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