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Matching interlink Yamaha AS700 + Yamaha CD-N500.

I'm looking for a new good interlink that will match between my Yamaha AS700 amp & Yamaha CD-N500 player.

I have Atlas Hyper 1.5 loudspeaker cables between the 700 amp and my Kef LS50's.

Which interlink will match and have a good focus and big soundstage, lot of (micro)detail and is neutral sounding?

When i compare some reviews on What Hifi i'm interested in this one (my budget is 120 euro/90pnd):

- Furutech Alpha 1 (like the What Hifi review of this cable, but further there are no reviews founding on google) 


I'm playing now with a Nordost White Lightning but the hights is a little on the bright side and has more a 2d instead of 3d soundstage.

I don't want to spent much more money for getting better in the Nordost range. So Nordost is not done.


Thanks Paul